College Prep & Career Impact Coaching

Equipping Homeschool  Students and Parents To Make the Important Decisions for a Successful Future


Initiating Impact

Group Coaching 

Initiating Impact small group coaching will begin in November (Only 12 spots available, ages 16+)

Connection - Camaraderie - Accountability

Group sessions/workshops twice per month

Monthly open office hours

Whether your student is pursuing college, a career, or plans to start a business - Initiating Impact group coaching provides the tools, framework, and accountability to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their future. Together we will tackle the 8 questions that every student must answer before leaving high school.

If you believe that your student would benefit from a firm sense of direction, purpose, and the ability to confidently make decisions about their future, please reach out to me for more information.


Parents & students join us for this FREE one hour virtual workshop led by Sam Feeney (Certified College Funding Specialist and Director of College Financial Planning at Real Frequency) and hosted by Chris Render (school counselor and founder of My Homeschool Success Coach). 

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The Ultimate Parents Survival Guide to College Prep takes navigating the college process from overwhelming to enjoyable…

Without the uncertainty, guesswork and constant comparison to other parents.

The Ultimate Parents Survival Guide to College Prep helps provide direction and the assurance that you both are ready for the next step in the journey.