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Helping Homeschool Students and Parents Make the Important Decisions for a Successful Future

My Homeschool Success Coach was originally created as a resource for my four children to utilize along their homeschool journey. I developed it while spending over a decade as a high school counselor in both public and private school systems. While I believe that homeschooling done the correct way is superior to the education at most public and private schools, students often lack guidance in making post secondary decisions. This lack of direction pushes them to follow the herd, often moving onto college without a plan or purpose. 


“I’ll figure things out in college” is no longer a viable strategy for success. 


Going to college because “that’s what everybody does” makes less sense than ever. 
My Homeschool Success Coach provides tools, tips and strategies for homeschool families to use as students progress through high school and beyond. We also provide helpful articles, courses, and links to many other resources that make homeschooling a richer experience and optimize its unique effectiveness.
Understanding all of your options, developing a plan, and having the tools to carry out that plan are all key to future success. 
Most of our posts and articles are opinion based, but those opinions have been informed by 20+ years of experience teaching/counseling in the public/private school system and 16 years (and counting) of homeschooling. 
We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons & any products or services that we advertise or recommend we also strongly believe in and usually use ourselves!



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