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Get Out of Bed!


Good morning, Chris Render with My College Success Coach.

Coming to you live and direct from the Success Lab in beautiful Zeeland Michigan this morning.

It’s day 22 of work & school from home - my kids have set up shop in the lab, the novelty of all this is definitely wearing off.

My Self-discipline is waning.

Jocko makes self-discipline sound so easy w his gravely voice and rear naked chokes, but the struggle is real sometimes.

So today’s quick tip was originally intended for my first year college friends, but it’s become increasingly obvious that we all could use this little reminder …

Get out of bed!  

Get out of bed. Every day. 

Actually, Get out of bed. Every day. Before 8am. With something on your agenda other than Netflix

If you don’t have a class or a job then study, read a book, create some content, learn to code, learn to knit … it doesn't matter. 

My good friend Darren donated blood last week. Seriously, 19 years old, his 1st year of college gets turned upside down & he still found time to help others. In kind of an uncomfortable way.

So Get out of bed. Everyday. Before 8am. With something on your agenda.

Seriously though, the bad stuff starts creeping in when you start lying in bed all day. 

If you’re home from school right now & not paying rent or mortgage, the least you can do is help out around the house.

Reach out to a friend or family. If you don’t have anyone that wants to talk to you, message me - we always find interesting stuff to talk about in the Success Lab.

All right guys, get out of bed, be productive, be helpful, be safe



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