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Impact Coaching

Personalized coaching for those who plan to transform the world

Who is right for Impact Coaching?


Motivated Homeschool High School Students Who Desire To Develop A Plan That Is Full Of Purpose, Impactful On The World, And Most Importantly Glorifying To God


Impact Coaching is a partnership that focuses on values, growth, goals and accountability. Helping you develop the tools to be an innovative & independent thinker and enable you to reach your full potential.

Individualized Impact Coaching looks like this:

1- Explore

20 minute exploration session where we will discuss your plans, goals, and dreams and decide together if Impact Coaching is a good fit.


2 - Clarify and Strategize

If we decide to move forward we will meet regularly to Explore, Clarify and Strategize YOUR Plan. We will work together to assess your values, strengths and limiting beliefs, where you are currently, and what your goals look like. 


3 - Close the Gap

Together we will utilize tools and strategies to establish a system that will allow you to develop confidence, the ability to productively engage conflict and a strong bias toward action.


4 - Take Action

 I will offer you support, accountability and strategy as you take action and begin making purposeful life decisions without wasting time, wasting money, or just following the crowd.




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