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Personalized College Prep & Career Coaching For Those Who Plan To Transform The World

Who is right for Impact Coaching?



  • Students who want the confidence to make decisions that will positively impact their future

  • Students who are motivated but lack direction

  • Students who desire success & seek to develop a plan that is full of purpose

  • Students who aim to achieve goals that impact the world and glorify God

Impact Coaching is a partnership that focuses on strengths, values, goals and accountability. Students build self-confidence while focusing on strengths based decision making.

Individualized Impact Coaching looks like this:


(2) One Hour Individual Sessions Each Month

(2) Open Office Hours Each Month - open to all coaching clients (and parents) for specific questions

Ability to message between sessions 



Gallup Strengths


8 Decisions Every Student Must Make Before Leaving High School

Career Keys

Accountability Tracker

Time Management & Organization Plan

Study Skills & Test Taking Techniques




Utilizing your strengths"why" to inform college & career plans

Focus On Your Major & Career

What are you hiring the college to accomplish? What can you do to take the pressure off of finding the 'one thing'


Draw on what you know to create what you don't

College Fit 

"Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated"

Maximizing ROI 

Learn the tools & skills to thrive & that "what are you going to do with your life" is not a finite question



$250 Per Month

Month To Month - No Long Term Contract




Schedule a 15 minute introduction call where we can discuss your plans, goals, and dreams and decide together if Impact Coaching is a good fit.


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