How to Increase Your ACT Score Immediately


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If you’re struggling with where to start your prep process … if you suffer from test anxiety and have decided that you’re just not a good test taker … if you want your ACT score to match your high GPA … if you’ve already taken the ACT (maybe even multiple times) and scored less than 30 … then this message is for you.

Here’s why …

You probably already KNOW that earning a 26 on the ACT will put you in the top 1/6 of test takers nationwide and greatly increases your eligibility for tens of thousands of scholarship dollars.

You absolutely CAN increase your ACT score and your potential for earning thousand of dollars in merit scholarships by preparing the right way with the ACT Excellence prep course.

And you need to realize, there is a cost to studying the same way you always have ...

If You Keep Studying the Same Way, You’ll NEVER Get Better Results


What most students do before taking a big test like the ACT is spend hundreds of dollars hiring a tutor to reteach them everything they’ve learned throughout high school, or buy a thousand page ACT manual and spend hours cramming trying to reteach themselves. But for most students, none of that works. 

  • They don’t really understand how to prepare and what to study


  • They don’t have a clear understanding of how the test is designed and what they can do to leverage their study time to maximize their scoring potential


  • They mistakenly listen to a tutor or instructor who may offer a vast amount of knowledge in their subject area, but does not have a clear understanding of how ACT questions are structured and cannot offer a clear pathway to a higher score



And what happens if you just do nothing? If you keep studying the same way you always have? Or worse of all, you decide there is nothing you can do to improve your score, you settle for mediocrity and never realize your true ACT potential?


Sadly, you end up being right about not improving your score and you sacrifice the opportunity to earn substantial merit scholarships and essentially give away thousands and thousands of dollars.



I’ve got a plan that really works. Here’s the story:

I spent over a decade as a guidance counselor trying to help students improve their ACT scores. But after years of hit and miss results, I was fed up with seeing students put in the effort and receive little to no benefit. It was time to find a system that works.

I kept reading about students who were able to increase their ACT scores by 4, 6, even 10 points simply by better understanding the content structure of the ACT and learning the traps and patterns of the test. I was DONE referring students to high priced tutors and study sessions that seldom resulted in higher scores.

I got so into researching the most successful test prep services in the country that I even trained with the ACT organization and earned the designation of ACT Certified Educator in order to go “behind the scenes” and learn from the people who create the test questions. I was then able to pass this knowledge on to my students and witnessed increased scores right away!

This really worked! And it gave me an idea:

“What if I worked with groups of high school students and I coached them to see the patterns and use the strategies to immediately increase their ACT score?”

“What if I could help them deal with test anxiety and properly prepare their mind and body for the rigours of test day?”

“And what if I could show them that the ACT is a highly coachable test and that with the right prep plan they absolutely could increase their score?”

And that’s exactly how I created the “ACT Excellence” prep course

It Worked For My Students, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what it did for me … it took me from scattershot tutor referrals with minimal results, to a systematic understanding of how the ACT is structured and the most effective steps students can take to increase their score … and earn more in merit scholarships.

The best part is, it’s not just me. Here’s what “ACT Excellence” has done for these students…


“ACT Excellence helped me create a better study plan and develop confidence. The strategies saved me so much time and my overall score was much better.”
~ Abby G.

“Thank you for showing me how much study time I was wasting! ACT Excellence helped me to focus on the areas where I could really improve, and best of all I increased my overall score by 6 points!”

~ Antoine S.

“My score went up, way up! ACT Excellence really works.”
~ Michael H.

Finally, It’s Your Turn


When you enroll in “ACT Excellence” today, you’ll get busy right away learning…

  • The content structure of the ACT and how to develop a holistic prep plan that prepares your mind and body for the rigors of test day
  • The types of typical study prep to avoid like the plague and how ACT focused studying will save you time and increase your score
  • A prep plan that hones in on your strengths, minimizes your blind spots and demystifies the structure of the test
It all comes as part of the “ACT Excellence” prep course for just $197, NOW JUST $97.00!

And you are 100% safe to try this out.

If you are not delighted with “ACT Excellence” and your ability to confidently create your personalized ACT prep plan to ensure that you are at your best on test day, I will provide a full refund.
I am so confident that ACT Excellence will do for you what it has done for hundreds of other students already, that I offer a ONE YEAR full refund guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied in ACT Excellence, just let me know and you will get all of your money back.





The Complete A-Z Framework for Confidently Creating Your Personalized ACT Prep Plan and Being Your Best on Test Day

ACT EXCELLENCE is the first course of it’s kind that … 


The ACT is a unique assessment that requires a particular type of preparation. No general science test review or classroom grammar textbook.


ACT questions are tricky by design. They are crafted to look different than what you see on an average high school exam. But they have patterns and traps that you can prepare for and ultimately exploit to your benefit.


A unique assessment requires unique preparation. You WILL be getting your hands dirty. You WILL have to practice. And you WILL be given the tools and strategies to vanquish test anxiety and properly prepare your mind and body for the rigors of test day.


  • Create your personalized study plan and establish your research-backed score goal
  • Discover the source of your test anxiety and develop methods to eliminate it
  • Build a routine for test week and test day that will ensure you be at your best both physically & mentally
  • Explore the content area, layout & logistics of ACT English, Math, Science & Reading, and discover proven strategies that will allow you to excel in each.
  • Create your ideal ACT prep scenario and set yourself up for success.
  • Decide when your testing window opens and closes so you know when it’s time to put in the work.
  • Schedule your “ACT Season” and practice accordingly.
  • Develop your research-backed score goal to aspire to.
  • Acknowledge past experience with test anxiety and build a plan to leave it behind.
  • Learn how to prepare your mind and body for the test day marathon.
  • Create a test week schedule that will allow for peak performance on Saturday.
  • Learn overarching ACT strategies that help you remain confident, focused and productive on test day.
  • Learn section logistics – number of questions, time, question/answer layout
  • See specific percentage breakdown of the content covered based on years of past ACT data
  • Learn which grammar rules are most necessary to focus on to make the most of your study time 
  • Use proven ACT English strategies to impact your score immediately 
  • Learn section logistics – number of questions, time, question/answer layout
  • See specific percentage breakdown of the content covered based on years of past ACT data
  • The role that question order plays in time management and test taking strategy
  • A breakdown by percentage of the most important skills covered in ACT Math so you can make sure that you focus on what’s really impactful
  • Discover proven ACT Math strategies for success including one strategy that has the power to take your score from average to top 1/6 percentile immediately
  • Learn section logistics – number of questions, time, question/answer layout
  • See specific percentage breakdown of the types of questions asked and the skills needed to answer based on years of past ACT data
  • Gain an understanding of the predictable structure of ACT Science and how to use it to your advantage
  • Use proven ACT Science strategies to impact your score immediately
  • Learn section logistics – number of questions, time, question/answer layout
  • See a breakdown of the types of passages that will appear, based on years of past ACT data
  • Gain an understanding of the main skills tested that will be tested on ACT Reading 
  • Use proven ACT Reading strategies to impact your score immediately
  • Recap all of you have learned as you prepare for ACT Excellence
  • Three month & one month customizable ACT study guide outlines that you can personalize and adapt to your specific schedule
  • Four-year high school planning template
  • Additional ACT prep & testing tips including step-by-step directions on how to effectively learn from your corrections on practice tests
  • The Top 15 Vocabulary Words and 150 Common Vocabulary Words used on the ACT
  • ACT Myth Busters
  • 2 full length official ACT practice tests
  • Much more!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

ACT EXCELLENCE Course – (A $500 value)

3 & 1-Month Customizable ACT Study Guide Outlines – (A $199 value)

4-Year High School Planning Template – (A $99 value)

Bonus Bin of ACT Vocab, Official ACT Practice Tests, Study Tips, ACT Myth Busters & more – (A $199 value)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $997

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

$197, Now Just $97.00! 


Enroll TODAY!

ACT Excellence Course

$97.00 USD
ACT Excellence Course | 3 pmt option

3 monthly payments of $49.00

Questions our top students asked before in enrolling in ACT EXCELLENCE



ACT Excellence is perfect for you if …

  • You have not taken the ACT yet and want to prepare the right way
  • Your previous ACT score is not what you hoped for and you want to know how you can do better
  • You are a strong student and want your ACT score to reflect that
  • You have no problem investing a few hours per week in your ACT preparation
  • In fact, you’re already investing time and energy into studying and other ACT prep
  • You know the incredible amount of merit based scholarship money that a strong ACT score can provide
  • You’re excited to have your own ACT prep plan and to begin diving into the modules, creating your testing window, and implementing the strategies and practice right away.
  • You feel confident enrolling in ACT Excellence knowing that you have 1 FULL YEAR to test it out

If you said “yes” to at least 5 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside ACT Excellence.

Enroll TODAY!

ACT Excellence Course

$97.00 USD
ACT Excellence Course | 3 pmt option

3 monthly payments of $49.00