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“ACT Excellence helped me create a better study plan and develop confidence. The strategies saved me so much time and my overall score was much better.”
~ Abby G.
“Thank you for showing me how much study time I was wasting! ACT Excellence helped me to focus on the areas where I could really improve, and best of all I increased my overall score by 6 points!”
~ Antoine S.
“My score went up, way up! ACT Excellence really works.”
~ Michael H.
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“I learned so much about a topic that has really been overwhelming up until now. I now have a schedule, a plan & I know what I’m looking for. I would recommend everything about The Scholarship Chase to other students.”
~ Collin D.
“The Scholarship Chase helped me to look beyond my emotional attachment to the college I want to attend. I am now able to view it from a financial perspective and recognize that it is a major life decision. I definitely recommend this workshop.”
~ Shayla V.
“The Scholarship Chase was super helpful with giving me tools and a system for finding scholarships and making the most of what I have.”
~ Seth G.


Mastermind Group

Designed to enable and equip motivated homeschool students find community and to utilize their gifts and abilities to develop a plan that is full of purpose, impactful on the world, and most importantly glorifying to God.



Impact Coaching is a partnership that focuses on values, growth, goals and accountability. Helping you develop the tools to be an innovative & independent thinker and enable you to reach your full potential.

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